Special Thanks
Here is bunch of people who took their time and provided valuable feedback to make the platform better for everyone. I have noted them as much as possible past months.

Gig (OA) for detailed UX and launcher feedback
ch4mp (XO) & https://rocketjump.zone for their community support

Johnny Law for providing wide range of resources
Mez for well maintained map list
D0PESK1LLZ and empezar for nQuake contribution support
ciscon for XDG tricks
Entire nQuake and ezQuake team for keeping QuakeWorld running!

NeonKnight for help on map gathering
nAeb for providing collection of resources
Entire OpenArena team for succeeding Quake3

Tommy for contributing on the Linux command
martin-t for lots of valuable feedback at launch
MissKraya for improving the default sorting idea
Entire Xonotic team for keeping the game alive!

For their cooperation
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Jar-El for overall integration support
Xenos for high quality levelshots
Entire AA team for handling puny humans