Frequenly Asked Questions

Click questions below to expand answers. If you still need further assistance, please leave us a feedback. is a web-based online game tracker and browser for the well known open-source arena games. It helps you to find the nearest games with the criteria you may choose. To allow one-click join, it features an open-source launcher for popular browsers. With a single click 'humans' filter, you can get rid of servers full of bots from the listing. Last but not least, it provides a player status tracker to allow you quickly check if your buddies are online.
Nope. You always have option to copy/paste the command generated at server details into your terminal or in-game console to join a game.
Platform logs online players using the publicly available data and lets web users to create a player list in their browser (no account needed). In order to start following a player, simply click next to the player name on any server detail page or search the recent (last 72 hours) players here.
Under this listing, those server might be flagged with 'human acting bots' mark. While they seem like having players (non-zero ping for e.g.), it's very likely you will see the bot behavior if you spectate them. Marked servers will be shown under regular listing but they won't appear under 'human' (regardless having actual players later) for next 24 hours unless they remove those bots.
See some examples for server/player search here. If you're looking for offline players, search recent players here instead.
Currently, you can only see if your buddies online when you visit the platform, but please let us know other methods you might need.
Make sure your game directory is placed either in your desktop or applications directory specific to your OS. Recommended place is ~/Desktop but you can also use Program Files for Windows, /Applications for OSX, and $HOME for Linux. If you're unsure how to explicitly use commands directly, we highly recommend using launcher instead.
As we don't provide any installation files, you should visit the official website or discord channel of the game and ask for help.
For all the security reasons, we are working hard on supporting open source games only. We also like to battle test them on at least 3 different OS to see if they actually work and investigate there are enough player base before taking it into consideration.